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Air Cleaners

Media Filters (Whole-House Cleaner)

Media air filters are an efficient, low maintenance and affordable way to filter the air in your home. Media filter capacity is very high compared to some of the other filter types available. For example, Pleated air filters are very efficient but lack the holding capacity of the material used in these filters. Pleated air filters become blocked quite rapidly because it is made of a single layer of material whereas media air filters utilize all of the material in the filter. A normal pleated filter is one inch thick and a media air filter is five inches thick. If dust is not stopped by the first part of the filter, it will be stopped as it gets deeper into the filter without restricting the air flow to the unit.

Electronic Air Cleaner

These are not the old style electric filters that require constant maintenance, i.e. removing, soaking and sometimes sanding to remove deposits in the ionizing grids. This new smart technology is designed with conductive plastic rather than steel, which prevents arcing, sparking and ozone. System testing was conducted by IBL laboratories which recorded 99% particle capture rate down to .1 microns. I installed a 20 X 20 in our home and it was the easiest high performance air cleaner I have ever installed. I have been very happy with the filtering results of this air cleaner and our house is noticeably cleaner.

Retrofit Existing Forced Air HVAC Systems With AspenAir InsideAspenAir Filter Grille System

AspenAir offers the only practical filter grille and furnace mount alternative for high-efficiency air filtration. AspenAirsystems fit right into existing filter grille or furnace mount housings and use less than 2 watts to remove 99% of the Respirable Suspended Particles (RSP) from the air. Our patented products use our proprietary, non-metallic, MACON-D material to deliver 24,000 volts of cleaning power without sparking and arcing or creating harmful ozone. AspenAir removes up to 20 times the particle matter of conventional systems, making your indoor air better than fresh air.

  • 99% Capture of Harmful RSPs down to 0.1 Microns
  • 99% Kill Rate of Harmful Bacteria down to 0.1 Microns
  • Clean, pure, safe indoor air without needing to purchase a new HVAC system
  • A visible diagnostic system to ensure system is working
  • No wires to scrape, plates to clean, or surfaces to vacuum
  • Energy efficient – uses less than 2 watts pf power to operate AspenAir Furnace Mount
  • No harmful ozone production
  • Long life between media changes - up to one year
  • 22 standard sizes to retrofit all standard filter grille housings

AspenAir Electronic Furnace Mount System

  • Retrofits most Electronic Air Cleaner (EAC) or media furnace mount housings
  • 4 standard sizes available

Air Purification

Air Conditioners

Ultraviolet (UV) Air Treatment Systems zap mold spores and certain live, airborne bacteria from the air in your home.

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